Corporate Information

IBackup is a service of Pro Softnet Corporation, based in Calabasas, CA.

How we started

We started as a software consulting company in the late 90s, providing software consulting services to Fortune 500 entities.

With the popularity of Internet and the opportunities it brought, we decided to change our business focus and morphed ourselves into a Web Based Online Backup service provider.

Our vision

Our Vision is to provide the world's best Online Backup, Storage, Sync and Remote Access service for consumers and small businesses.

Where are we now

IBackup and our family of online backup offerings including IDrive offer the best performance and great value, combined with superior security and ease of use.

RemotePC is a remote access service for PCs and Macs which can now be accessed from even mobile devices.

With 100 Peta Bytes of Storage, we are one of the premier cloud based service providers.

Where are we headed

We have some of the best products in the space we address, and we will continue to build and enhance our offerings in this space.

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